From Mass Excavators to Hydraulic Dredges, 40-Ton Articulated Off Road Trucks to Dewatering Belt Presses we have a tool for the job.

King Environmental owns and maintains a fleet of over 70 pieces of yellow iron ready to go to work on your next heavy civil construction project.

  • Ohio Department of Transportation Pre-qualified Contractor
  • Slide Repair, Stabilization
  • Compacted Aggregate Road Beds, Building Pads
  • Slurry Wall and Cut off Interceptor Trench Systems
  • ​Mass Excavation
  • GPS Guidance Equipped Finish Grading
  • Asphalt Concrete Paving
  • Pond/Basin Construction
  • Complex Dewatering Systems
  • Municipal, Right of Way Utilities
  • Large Scale Demolition
  • Hydro Seeding
  • Passive and Convection Drying Operations
  • Concrete Flat Work
  • “Flexamt” Tied Concrete Block Distributor and Installer
  • Environmental Assistance Program (EAP) Site Management